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          Oil Mist Collector

          Oil Mist Collector


          Oilmist overflow during operation of generator bearings not only causes pollution tothe environment but also reduces the insulat ing performance ofthe generator stators androtors, whichmay endanger the safe operation of the generators andresult in laboriousmainten ance andrepair.To eliminate the general presence of heavy oilmist in generators,our company hasresearched and developed:- an oil mist collector that has been patented(patentNo.:ZL 201110189156.5)


          1.HQF-II features large power,suitability for installation out of wind tunnels,easyinstallation andmainten ance;

          2.As HQF-Ill is small, it can be directly mounted onto the oil channel cover without any pipefor connection;

          3.HQF-IV can be mounted on the thrust oil sump gusset plate,with only a short pipe needed;

          4.HJD-l can be installed andused for special needs without the needfor replacing the filterelem ent.

          For Customization,parameters shall be specified

          1.Openinglocation and dimension (interface) for the oil channel cover

          2.Installation mode ofthe oil mist collector

          3.Oil channel capacity

          4.Layout plan of the upper andlower frames of the generator

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