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We have been selling motorcycle gear for 14 years now, and one of the questions we keep getting asked is "what do you wear on the bike?" We highly rate all of the items we sell, or we wouldn't have selected them in the first place. But when it comes to our personal preferences, we are fortunate enough to be able to cherry-pick exactly what suits our needs and style.

Next up on our staff picks is our shop manager Jerome Gagnebé. After 7 years of running our London store, JJ is following his heart back to the French countryside. What better way to send him off than to have him talk us through his favourite bits of gear. Anyone who has ever met JJ knows you’re in for an entertaining, yet insightful watch. On y va!



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DMD Vintage Helmet

“I love the shape of it, I think these are the smallest ECE-certified helmets on the market”

The DMD Vintage open face helmet is aptly named: it stays true to the desirable, sleek shell shapes of 70's open face helmets. It does so while adhering to modern safety features, which is an admirable feat and makes this one of the more popular helmets around the Urban Rider headquarters.

"This is my go to... it gives you that open face feel with full face protection"

Baruffaldi Speed 4 Goggles

“The 70’s shape looks really cool and they are extremely comfortable.”

Baruffaldi originated in Milan in 1932 and is one of the world's most historic goggle manufacturers.  They made goggles for legends such as Italian racing driver Alberto Ascari.

The Speed 4 goggle is reminiscent of vintage motocross in style and a very cool general-purpose goggle.  Included are three tinted lenses that simply press stud onto the main goggle, simple and ingenious. Jerome has the red-framed version, which is now back in stock in limited quantities!

Hedon Hedonist Helmet

“When I saw this one I just had to have it! I customised it a bit. I have a sticker problem.”

The Hedonist range is the pinnacle of open-face design. All Hedonist helmets have a premium calf leather trim and liner, attached to the helmet shell by the crafty hands in the Hedon ateliers. That shell is made from carbon-reinforced fibreglass which equates to a very strong, hard-wearing yet lightweight helmet. Wear it with goggles or accessorise with Hedon's visors and peaks. Jerome adapted a Bell helmet peak to fit his but you’ll have to get creative if you want to make that one work for yourself!

Bell Moto 3 Helmet

“For me, the Moto 3 is an icon, it brings me back to my youth riding my CR125.”

Bell released the legendary Moto 3 in the early seventies. Decades later, they revived the design, keeping the gorgeous retro looks but updating the safety components and giving it a new tri-composite shell. The result is a thing to admire! The new Moto 3 does not disappoint, its unbelievably comfortable moisture-wicking lining combined with its light weight makes this one of the most comfortable helmets we've ever worn.

Goldtop 1959 Leather Jacket

“What I like about all Goldtop Jackets is the British heritage, the attention to detail and the soft leather.”

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing a Goldtop product up close, you know these guys know a thing or two when it comes to leather motorcycle equipment. The 1959 jacket is no different: it is a beautiful short-cut leather motorcycle jacket styled after American aviator jackets from the 1950s with a folded collar and clean, fitted lines with three zippered outer pockets. The 1.4mm cowhide leather used is premium, designed to patina with grace. This is thicker than most motorcycle jackets out there, offering excellent abrasion resistance. 

This style is currently only available in a few sizes, but another batch is being produced soon. Be sure to check out the rest of the Goldtop range, though!

Revit Worker Overshirt

“It just looks cool on me! It’s a good price and you get Rev’It Quality.”

Casual, cool and convenient, the Worker is a great option for those spring or summer months. The design includes multiple pockets for storing essentials, a ventilation panel to offer cooling relief when the weather is hot and a laminated reflection strip to keep the rider visible to oncoming traffic.

Tucano Urbano Gig Pro Gloves

“It is so important to get a glove fitting just right. The Gig gloves tick that box and are a superb fit.”

Tucano Urbano's Gig Pro gloves are an upgraded version of Tucano's best-selling Gig glove: a classic summer glove with a distinct retro style. Tucano have stayed true to that style and the Gig Pro has a lot of technical features hidden underneath its classy-looking style. The outer layer is constructed out of strong yet delightfully supple goat leather. The knuckles and palm have soft D3O inserts for excellent impact absorption. On the fingers you'll find gusseted panels to maintain excellent dexterity. They are also compatible with touchscreen devices.

Racer Forge Heated Gloves

“These are a life-saver in winter! I used to have plug-in heated gloves but these are a lot less faff.”

Jerome has the original Racer Forge Urban heated gloves, which were a smash hit with our customers (and staff). The Forge MKII is the direct result of sitting down with our friends at Racer to take this concept to the next level. Much like its predecessor, the Forge MKII escapes the trappings of the unwieldy heated glove market, boasting a further enhanced spec but crucially keeping overall feel user-friendly. The aim was to keep riding through the coldest days without losing feel for the bike’s controls. We also chose to make the cuff considerably wider than the one on its predecessor, allowing the sleeves of your winter jacket to comfortably fit inside the cuff.

Pando Moto Skin Armoured Leggings

“I have so many cool trousers I would love to ride in, this allows me to do so safely.”

The Pando Moto Skin is a discrete unisex armoured legging that can easily be worn underneath your favourite trousers and will do an excellent job at protecting you on the bike. It is constructed from a super-strong UHMWPE and Spandex blend that has excellent abrasion-resistant properties. Knee protection is provided by means of the very capable, super-flexible SAS TEC TripleFlex armour and there are pockets for optional hip protectors. Its strong construction has granted it a CE Level A safety rating. 

Hot off the press: Pando Moto have now gone a step further and have just released the UH 03 version of these leggings, which are safety rated to Level AA!


John Doe Defender Cargo Trousers

“They look cool, are single layer, CE AAA rated, … All boxes ticked!”

John Doe have nailed the cargo trouser in the past - and who would have guessed, they’ve done it again. Only better.

Incorporating all of the style and functionality that comes with a cargo trouser, but packaged in a top-of-the-range, single-layer protective garment, the Defender is pretty close to essential for the summer riding season. Supreme comfort thanks to the stretch fabric, but serious protection due to the inter-woven XTM-Fiber®, and integrated hip and height-adjustable keen armour pockets (with Level 1 protectors included), it’s not surprising that this garment achieved the incredibly high CE Level AAA certification.

TCX Blend 2 Boots

“TCX does one thing: make biker footwear. And they do it so well.”

With the original X-Blend being one of the most popular motorcycle boots out there for several years, the new Blend 2 is a fresh update on a modern classic boot. A clean, minimal aesthetic with traditional lace-up fastening, and extremely subtle branding are all the hallmarks of a vintage-styled boot that would be a welcome addition to any motorcycling get-up.

Featuring a slight facelift, but with the same styling cues, the Blend 2 is crafted from a premium grain pull-up leather outer, and just like its predecessor will just get better and better with age. Waterproofing comes in the way of a full T-DRY lining, that will not only keep the rain away from your feet, but let them breathe so they don’t overheat too. The boots feature reinforcements at the toe and heel, plus malleolus armour for protection, and a leather-reinforced shift pad. Rear reflective inserts are a key safety feature for subtle high-visibility.

Kriega R15 Backpack

“This has been my loyal commuting companion. Just the right size for my lunch, my croissants and my baguette.”

Kriega’s R15 is a short-length backpack made from a durable and lightweight textile material. This 15-litre pack bares all the hallmarks of Kriegas signature high-quality build and well-thought designs. 

The R15 uses the Kriega Quadloc-lite harness system which is angled to not only spread the weight nicely across your shoulders but your chest and torso too. Positioned away from the arms you keep that natural free movement you need on the bike, so much so you will forget you are even wearing it.


Beeline Moto Sat Nav

“Who wants to ruin the beautiful looks of a classic bike? The Beeline is a stylish alternative to a bulky sat nav.”

The Beeline Moto is a beautifully simple alternative to bulky motorbike sat navs. The small, circular device gives you directions by virtue of its clever dot and arrow interface, telling you exactly when and where your next turn is coming up. It is instinctive and straightforward to use: connect the Beeline to your smartphone app via Bluetooth and put your destination in the Beeline app, the little device will take care of the rest. The Beeline comes with a pivoting sticky mount and elastic handlebar mount which attach to your bike in a matter of seconds. Battery life is impressive, even when you ride in the dark and the backlight automatically comes on. We found navigating with the Beeline a breeze, even when making our way through a busy city. The little unit has definitely earned its spot in our jacket pocket. It's so small we often forget it's there, until we're getting lost again and the Beeline comes to the rescue.