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We have been selling motorcycle gear for 14 years now, and one of the questions we keep getting asked is "what do you wear on the bike?" We highly rate all of the items we sell, or we wouldn't have selected them in the first place. But when it comes to our personal preferences, we are fortunate enough to be able to cherry-pick exactly what suits our needs and style.

Next up on our staff picks is our head of content and purchasing Laurens Vanherstraeten. Having worked at Urban Rider for 7 years it's fair to say he's collected a lot of clothing. He's had a tough time picking his favourites, but ended up with a solid selection. Watch the video below, he'll tell you all you need to know!

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DMD Vintage Helmet

"Super comfortable & lightweight. The shell is small and fits my oval head."

The DMD Vintage open face helmet is aptly named: it stays true to the desirable, sleek shell shapes of 70's open face helmets. It does so while adhering to modern safety features, which is an admirable feat and makes this one of the more popular helmets around the Urban Rider headquarters. 

"This is my go to... it gives you that open face feel with full face protection"

Baruffaldi Speed 4 Goggles

"I usually couple up my DMD Vintage with these goggles"

The Speed 4 goggle is reminiscent of vintage motocross in style and a very cool general purpose goggle.  Included are two tinted lenses that simply press stud onto the main goggle, simple and ingenious.

Bell Bullitt Helmet

"I'll often wear this one when riding around town because of its amazing field of view."

The Bell Bullitt has rapidly become the go-to helmet for anyone looking for a vintage look with full face protection.  One of the Bullitt's key features is the massive viewport, offering unparalleled peripheral vision. When riding with the Bullitt, the aperture is so wide that it almost feels like you're wearing an open face helmet but make no mistake: the Bullitt offers you full face protection and is 100% ECE approved and made using the exact same technology as Bell's more modern helmet designs. The detailing on this helmet is impressive: there's four mesh-covered air intakes on the forehead, a very cleverly designed venturi vent in the back, gorgeous brushed metal side pods and a visor that is held securely in place by a leather magnetic tab. 

Hedon Heroine Racer Helmet

"I think this is the most beautiful helmet I own. Super comfortable, super lush."

Perfection in design, as we've come to expect from Hedon. The finish is absolutely stunning: the leather trim and metal hardware work a treat in combination with the Heroine's sleek shell and colour schemes. The visor pivots around those gorgeous metal side pods and shuts with a satisfying click. Above the viewport, you'll find three simple but effective vents. The liner doesn't just look luxurious, its soft finish and ergonomic make this ECE certified helmet a joy to wear. 

Shoei NXR2 Helmet

"Probably the most sensible of my helmets. This one gets used and abused."

The often praised Shoei NXR helmet has just received an upgrade with the launch of the NXR 2.

The Shoei NXR 2 is the second helmet to land in the UK that adheres to the upcoming (more stringent) ECE22/06 helmet safety regulations. The ethos behind the revamped Shoei NXR 2 is a concentration of decades of crafting the best helmets on the road and track. The NXR 2 is astoundingly light, making for an extremely comfortable ride. The compact and slim design features subtle and gorgeous sporty contouring, without coming across as too aggressive. 

Pando Moto Shell UH 02 Armoured Shirt

"This little number is one of the more versatile things I own"

Pando Moto's Shell UH02 is a discrete unisex armoured shirt that can easily be worn underneath your favourite jacket or outer layer and will do an excellent job at protecting you on the bike. It is constructed from a super strong Spandex and UHMWPE blend that has excellent abrasion resistant properties. Shoulder and elbow protection is provided by means of slimline SAS TEC TripleFlex armour which surpasses the CE Level 1 ratings and is so slim and flexible you'll barely notice it's there. Of course there is also a pocket for optional Quatroflex back armour. Its strong construction has granted the Shell UH02 a CE Level A safety rating to give you peace of mind. Pando Moto did an amazing job at creating a product you'll forget you're wearing, using market-leading materials at an incredibly competitive price point.

Roland Sands Design Clash Leather Jacket

"My trusty Clash jacket has been with me for miles and miles. I love the way it has aged."

The Clash is a long-standing staff and customer favourite. It brings some undeniably cool rocker-style to the table with its slanted front zip, diamond stitch detailing and studded elbow panels.

Each jacket is constructed from top grain hand-finished, washed and oiled premium Cowhide leather, meaning each one is as durable and unique as the last. We love the aggressive fit too. The rotated, pre-curved sleeves and the dropped back hem combine for a natural feel when hunkered down on the bike. 

The updated Clash is now safer than ever. Its construction and materials have been revamped and reinforced with double or triple stitched seams to meet the latest strict CE safety tests. CE level 1 SAS-TEC armour at the elbows and shoulders is included as standard, with a pocket to upgrade the protection on offer with an optional back protector - all this means the Clash is now CE Level AA approved.

Belstaff Trialmaster Pro Jacket

"This is the one I ride with throughout winter. It's nicely cut and the build quality is impressive."

As motorcycle jackets go, the Trialmaster Pro is one of the more versatile ones: the (already water repellent) wax cotton is backed up by a waterproof and breathable Miporex membrane and a removable quilted lining. It makes the Trialmaster Pro a capable all-rounder with impressive protective features brought together in a classic design.

Resurgence Cafe Racer Jeans

"I like their style, and they keep me warmer in winter than my single-layers would."

Safety and wearability really do go hand in hand for Resurgence Gear. This is why they’ve added built-in stretch, height-adjustable knee armour pockets and a soft, moisture-wicking mesh liner to the Cafe Racer PEKEV® Slim Fit jeans. These features offer comfort and flexibility, making these jeans an easy go-to for any rider.

Pando Moto Skin UH 02 Armoured Leggings

"Very stretchy, you forget you're wearing these."

Pando Moto's Skin 2 is a discrete unisex armoured legging that can easily be worn underneath your favourite trousers and will do an excellent job at protecting you on the bike. It is constructed from a super-strong UHMWPE and Spandex blend that has excellent abrasion resistant properties. Knee protection is provided by means of the very capable, super-flexible SAS TEC TripleFlex armour and there are pockets for optional hip protectors. Its strong construction has granted it a CE Level A safety rating.

Saint Unbreakable Slim Jeans

"I wear these all the time, even when I'm not getting on the bike."

Sa1nt's Unbreakable slim stretch jeans are constructed from a Dyneema, cotton and elastane mix. The result is a super comfortable, single layer jean with a bit of stretch and a lot of abrasion resistance. The Unbreakable stretch jeans have a 25% Dyneema content - more than enough for some spirited riding in and around town. Plus with the addition of pockets for armour in the knees and hips, you can seriously upgrade these jeans to provide impact protection. We highly recommend D3O’s Ghost armour which fits these jeans perfectly and is so slim and flexible you’ll barely notice it’s there, until you need it! 

Pando Moto Steel Black 02 Jeans

"These score high when it comes to both comfort and protection. An all day, every day jean."

The humble riding denim is now rivalling the protective properties of leather trousers, with the added benefit of allowing you to park the bike and walk around without looking like you're geared up to go win the Moto GP.

Pando Moto's flagship Steel trouser is a prime example of this: this jean is constructed from a single layer Dyneema denim blend and is equipped with super-slim Sas-Tec armour in the hips and knees. This highly protective combo give the jean a CE Level AA rating. All whilst maintaining the look and feel of a good-looking pair of everyday jeans.

Goldtop Viceroy Gloves

"I love the floating knuckle on these. I can recommend all Goldtop gloves!"

Goldtop's Viceroy gloves are the brand's most elaborate and protective short cuff gloves. The palm of the glove is unlined, while the back of the hand has a beautifully soft silk layer underneath the leather. This combination gives you excellent dexterity but avoids your hand sticking to the glove on a hotter day.

The fingers and palm are padded and reinforced. The knuckle protector is "floating", offering an extremely comfortable yet protective fit, no matter whether your hand is closed or open. The wrap-around velcro strap holds the glove securely in place.

They are made from a single hide of high quality 1mm thick aniline cowhide. The Goldtop team are a bunch of perfectionists, they hand-select the hides used for their gloves and will not use any off-cuts to ensure consistent quality across their range. The 5 strand cotton thread stitching used throughout makes for a sturdy glove that will last you a long time. 

Racer Northern GTX Gloves 

"Designed by yours truly. I wanted the perfect balance by warmth and dexterity, with a Gore-Tex membrane keeping you bone-dry."

Protective winter gloves are the toughest nut to crack for motorcycle equipment manufacturers. They need to fit right, protect you from the wet and the cold and keep your hands safe when things go wrong. With almost a century of experience under their belt, Racer France consistently ticks those boxes. When they asked us to lend them a hand co-designing their next winter glove we couldn’t put pen to paper quick enough. We’re proud to say this is the result, exclusive in the UK to Urban Rider. The Northern GTX blends classic styling with top-notch modern components, suiting the needs of the all-season urban rider.

John Doe Neo Boots

"These look like Vans and you can walk around in them all day, yet they definitely feel like protective motorcycle boots."

The John Doe Neo is perhaps one of the most casual looking sneaker style motorcycle shoes we have seen so far but the German brand have pulled out all the stops and have created what we think is the ideal summertime riding trainer. 

The Neo is constructed from a suede outer with a sturdy canvas side panel. Underneath its informal outer John Doe have hid a host of protective features making the Neo a very capable motorcycle shoe. The toe, heel and ankle are reinforced to protect you from impact, while the brand's XTM liner runs across the entire trainer to keep your feet safe in a slide. That is because XTM liners consist of a mix of abrasion-resistant aramid fibres mixed with moisture-wicking Coolmax® for comfort. 

The Neo trainers are comfortable and lightweight, which makes them a joy to wear while still having peace of mind knowing your feet are protected by CE certified footwear. For anyone after protective footwear for the sunny days, these tick all the boxes. 

Stylmartin Matrix Waterproof Boot

"Gotta love the Mad Max vibe of these boots. These have served me well for a few winters of daily riding already."

The Stylmartin Matrix is a sturdy multi-purpose boot with an off-road look to them. They are a homage to the popular Hi-Port motocross boot of the 70s and while the Matrix boots are definitely ready to eat some dust, they're a very road-worthy boot too. Stylmartin made the Matrix an extremely comfortable boot that works for touring and commuting as well as for off-road adventures. 

The outer layer consists of water-repellent full-grain leather backed up by a waterproof and breathable membrane. Protectors for the ankles, shins and calves are incorporated in the design of the boot and in the box, you'll find two metal toe caps which you can screw into the Vibram sole. The boots are fastened through a big velcro tab and two nylon ratchet clips. 

The Matrix is a versatile boot combining functionality with killer looks. And since you're getting a pair of Stylmartins, you know these will last you a long time.

Knox Studio Backpack

"The Studio is excellent value for money. Completely waterproof with a huge main compartment."

Outstanding value given the premium materials and attention to detail.  The Knox Studio Rucksack is made from tough 600 denier polyester and leather, with side release chrome buckles. With a capacity of 25 litres, this is the perfect rucksack for getting around town.  The rolltop feature allows you to compress the bag and reduce the capacity as needed.

The main body is 100% waterproof and features fully taped seams to ensure the water is kept out.  The straps are padded for extra comfort and the base of the bag features high-grade leather to protect from scuffs.  All the straps are fully adjustable for comfort and security whilst riding.

Velomacchi 28L Speedway Roll-Top Backpack

"My Speedway backpack took the brunt of the damage when my wife crashed and slid down the road. You can barely tell."

The 28-litre capacity Speedway roll-top backpack is sturdy: it is constructed from abrasion-resistant 1000D competition fabric which makes this a backpack that'll prove its worth for quite a few years to come. Its shoulder straps and harness system are some of the most innovative we've ever seen on any rucksack: the shoulder straps pivot so no matter what body shape you have or what kind of jacket you're wearing, the backpack will stay in place and sit on your back comfortably.

The most outstanding feature is the harness closing system though, the knurled aluminium coupler uses a nifty magnetic system to automatically lock the harness in place on your sternum with a smooth twisting operation and a satisfying click, brilliant stuff! On top of all that techy sweetness, the Speedway backpack still manages to pull off a classy understated look, suiting every bike and riding style!