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We have been selling motorcycle gear for 14 years now, and one of the questions we keep getting asked is "what do you wear on the bike?" We highly rate all of the items we sell, or we wouldn't have selected them in the first place. But when it comes to our personal preferences, we are fortunate enough to be able to cherry-pick exactly what suits our needs and style.

For our next Staff Picks, allow us to introduce Phil Catlin. Phil has been our warehouse manager for the past 6 years and knows a thing or two about the gear we stock. With an impressive commute, Phil puts more miles on his bike (and his gear) than most of us. If you want a straight-talking, no-nonsense run-down of the things we sell, he's your guy. Enjoy the video!



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DMD Vintage Helmet

“My most used helmet is without a shadow of a doubt my DMD Vintage. You can tell by how messed up it is. It's low profile, comfy and does the job.”

The DMD Vintage open face helmet is aptly named: it stays true to the desirable, sleek shell shapes of 70's open face helmets. It does so while adhering to modern safety features, which is an admirable feat and makes this one of the more popular helmets around the Urban Rider headquarters.

"This is my go to... it gives you that open face feel with full face protection"

Roeg Billy V2.0 Sunglasses

“I have a pair of the Roeg sunglasses. They have thin arms that slide into the helmet nicely, a larger lense which is actually quite nice on the motorway as it takes a little more wind off of your eyes”

Roeg’s collection consists of a whole range of awesome pieces that fit seamlessly into a rider’s lifestyle. Add an instant splash of cool with Roeg’s new Billy V2.0 sunglasses. These chunky framed shades have moulded nose pads for extra comfort and tapered arms for a more secure fit. The deep blue-tinted lenses are on-trend and with 100% CE approved UV protection, they’re not just for show.

Shoei RYD Helmet

Phil's RYD is discontinued but here is the latest similar alternative: Shoei NXR2 Helmet.

“My second helmet for those really cold days, or the times I have to ride in the rain. It's a practical, comfy helmet and a very good price for a Shoei ”

The Shoei NXR 2 is the second helmet to land in the UK that adheres to the upcoming (more stringent) ECE22/06 helmet safety regulations. The ethos behind the revamped Shoei NXR 2 is a concentration of decades of crafting the best helmets on the road and track. The NXR 2 is astoundingly light making for an extremely comfortable ride. The compact and slim design features subtle and gorgeous sporty contouring, without coming across as too aggressive.

Interphone Shape

Phil's Interphone Shape is discontinued but here is the latest similar alternative: Interphone UCOM

“I don't use it for chatting to passengers as my girlfriend doesn't like going on the back of the bike that much but its great for listening to music”

The new UCOM range from Interphone is the most advanced yet - incredibly slimline and unobtrusive, but vitally brings extensive compatibility with all Interphone models on the market, as well as other Bluetooth devices, such as your preferred GPS. No longer will you have to waste time trying to pair with your buddies before you ride before inevitably giving up and riding in silence - this new range makes it remarkably easy.

RSD Stoddard Riding Shirt

Phil's RSD Stoddard shirt is discontinued but here is the latest similar alternative: Pando Moto Capo COR.

“They don't make it anymore but I love this thing. It looks used because it is. For all intents and purposes it looks like a shirt but it functions like a lightweight jacket ”

A unisex, slim-fit denim overshirt, the Pando Moto CAPO COR 03 is perfect for casual looks and urban riding. The outer is crafted from a 12oz stretch CORDURA® denim, for an authentic feel, maximum comfort, and high levels of abrasion resistance, and a Coolmax mesh liner feels comfortable against the skin.

Included SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE approved elbow and shoulder armour provides slimline impact protection, keeping your extremities covered, and a pocket for an optional back protector means you can easily upgrade your set-up.

Subtle stitched branding, and a universal stealthy appeal is what Pando Moto does best, and makes for a unisex riding shirt truly suited to any rider. Perfect for the summer months, or layered up when the temperature drops.

Merlin Elmhurst Jacket

Phil's Merlin Elmhurst is discontinued but here is the latest similar alternative: Merlin Barton II

“I got this Merlin jacket years and years ago. It's a clean design and feels nice and weighty which I quite like for a winter jacket.”

The upgraded Barton II now includes a 150gm removable thermal liner and Level 1 D3O armour to secure it CE Level A approval. This is a massive upgrade from the original, giving you the extra peace of mind that the safety features live up to stringent CE testing.

Constructed from original Halley Stevensons 12oz silk wax cotton, the sturdy outer layer has water repellent properties but is backed up by a completely waterproof Reissa Active membrane. The Barton II has vents on the chest and back so, on a hot summer's ride you can easily remove the liner and provide yourself with some very welcome airflow. This makes the Barton II one of those precious jackets you can use all year round.


78 Sprint Gloves

Alternative: Knox Hadleigh Gloves

“After 6 years of hard riding and long mileage, my Sprint gloves will soon be for the scrap heap. I really don't want to say goodbye but I will be upgrading to a pair of Knox Hadleighs next ”

Introducing the Hadleigh Mens glove - a versatile, short-cuffed, three-season glove that will see you through all manner of conditions.

Constructed with premium 0.8mm aniline cowhide combined with a goatskin palm and Nubuck finger detailing, the Hadleigh doesn’t just look great - it feels fantastic too. The leather is backed by the Knox Seal 100% waterproof and breathable membrane, meaning the Hadleigh can handle whatever inclement weather comes your way, whilst keeping your hand safe and dry.

There is impact protection in the way of a soft gel knuckle guard, and the patented low profile Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palm - there to eliminate the grab effect that occurs when a leather palm makes contact with the road, reducing the risk of hyper extension which can be the cause of a broken scaphoid. Definitely, something to be avoided if possible.

Merlin Ranton II

“My colder weather gloves are the MK1 Merlin Rantons. I went for these because they are short cuffed. They've also got a waterproof membrane and I find then super easy to get on and off”

The Merlin Ranton glove has long been a favourite of ours here at Urban Rider, and after years of incredible popularity, Merlin have given it an adventure-themed update. Inducted into the Explorer collection, the Ranton II keeps all the elements that made it such a success and goes off the beaten track.

Crafted from a hybrid of Halley Stevensons®12oz waxed cotton with premium cowhide leather contrast panels, the Ranton II now features enhanced D3O® knuckle armour for premium protection in a lightweight, unobtrusive package. The waterproof and breathable Hipora® membrane promises to keep your hands dry however hard the rain is falling, and the short cuff uses a discrete velcro tab under the wrist for closure.

John Doe Pioneer Mono Slim Jeans

“I like John Doe because they cover every size and shape. These are super comfy, all-day wearers with that little bit of give. You forget they are bike jeans. ”

John Doe have changed the game with their newest line of products. You might be familiar with the brand - we’re huge fans of their great looking, protective, and outrageously comfortable riding wear, with some great jeans in the range. So you can imagine how our eyes widened at the prospect of them entering the market with their new take incorporating single-layer technology.

The Pioneer jeans are the slim-fit option in the range, combining all-day comfort with huge levels of protection. CE approved to Level AAA (no mean feat!), thanks to John Doe’s proprietary XTM-Fiber® and stretch denim twill blend, these are as comfy as your Sunday trackies, but will literally save your skin. Integrated hip and height-adjustable knee armour pockets, with Level 1 protectors included are there for added safety.

This Monolayer fabric is water-repellent and breathable, further adding to the versatility of the garment. You’ll never feel the need to take them off - whether you’re cruising around town on a summer’s afternoon, or sitting in a cafe with friends.


Pando Moto Mark Kev 02 Cargo Trousers

“They look cool, are single layer, CE AAA rated, … All boxes ticked!”

John Doe have nailed the cargo trouser in the past - and who would have guessed, they’ve done it again. Only better.

Incorporating all of the style and functionality that comes with a cargo trouser, but packaged in a top-of-the-range, single-layer protective garment, the Defender is pretty close to essential for the summer riding season. Supreme comfort thanks to the stretch fabric, but serious protection due to the inter-woven XTM-Fiber®, and integrated hip and height-adjustable keen armour pockets (with Level 1 protectors included), it’s not surprising that this garment achieved the incredibly high CE Level AAA certification.

Helstons Mountain Boots

“I've had these about 6 months now. They took a little while to break in but then felt super comfortable. Unfortunately a few flaws have started appearing which is a shame. Hopefully it's just my pair. My next boots will be the Rokkers”

As the name suggests, Helstons’ Mountain boots have taken their styling from hiking boots but with a much more elegant, low-profile silhouette that can be styled to various tastes. Handmade in Portugal and constructed of supple yet rugged-looking brown calfskin leather, these boots will age beautifully over time and the rainproof membrane and surface waterproofing treatment mean you’ll get many years of use out of them - especially with that handy gear selector guard. That calfskin outer is more durable than cowhide from older animals, and paired with the integrated sole shank and reinforcement at the toe, heel and ankle the Mountain meets CE safety standards.

Rokker Urban Rebel Boots

“I've seen a load of the guys wearing these around the office and I regret not going for them the first time”

A not-so-distant cousin of the seminal Urban Racer boot, the Urban Rebel is just as exquisite, and - in spite of the name - arguably even more refined. Expertly hand-crafted in Portugal, this rugged work boot sports almost sartorial features, with a clean ankle and pull tab that would not look amiss on Savile Row. All in all, the Urban Rebel is a boot that will upgrade any outfit, on or off the bike.

These are as stunning as boots come, made from premium and durable greased vintage cowhide leather for water repulsion and abrasion resistance. A shock absorbing insole reduces stress on your feet and ankles, ensuring all day comfort and wearability. Protection at the heel and toe have you covered in the event of a spill, and the heavy duty Vibram outsole is oil-resistant, anti-abrasion, and non-slip - this boot is built to last the long haul.


TCX Blend 2 Boots

“Who wants to ruin the beautiful looks of a classic bike? The Beeline is a stylish alternative to a bulky sat nav.”

The Beeline Moto is a beautifully simple alternative to bulky motorbike sat navs. The small, circular device gives you directions by virtue of its clever dot and arrow interface, telling you exactly when and where your next turn is coming up. It is instinctive and straightforward to use: connect the Beeline to your smartphone app via Bluetooth and put your destination in the Beeline app, the little device will take care of the rest. The Beeline comes with a pivoting sticky mount and elastic handlebar mount which attach to your bike in a matter of seconds. Battery life is impressive, even when you ride in the dark and the backlight automatically comes on. We found navigating with the Beeline a breeze, even when making our way through a busy city. The little unit has definitely earned its spot in our jacket pocket. It's so small we often forget it's there, until we're getting lost again and the Beeline comes to the rescue.